Power Stones.

Gemstones have been used for centuries to heal and bring about life balance.
In ancient cultures, gemstone crystals were regarded as sacred gifts from Mother Earth.
Today, they are still highly regarded for their beauty and healing qualities.
Many believe that each gemstone emits different levels of emotional, mental and spiritual energy which can have many beneficial effects on our well being.
Such is the power of gemstones that they can be used to ensure that what you wish for may come true.

Carry any combinations of the stones in the stone pouch included.

Stone sizes vary between 1cm & 3cm long.

End of Line Item.

Confidence Power Stone Set with Pouch

Confidence Power Stone Set for increasing self confidence.
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Creativity Power Stone Set with Pouch

Creativity Power Stone Set for enhancing creativity.
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Friendship Power Stone Set with Pouch

Friendship Power Stone Set for bringing friends closer together.
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Protection Power Stone Set with Pouch

Protection Power Stone Set for general protection.
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Relaxation Power Stone Set with Pouch

Relaxation Power Stone Set for bringing about peace and relaxation.
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