Friendship Gem Stone Set

Friendship Power Stone Set with Pouch

CXD Design
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Friendship Power Stone Set for bringing friends closer together.

Includes 5 assorted gemstones used to connect friends and loved ones. Share or buy as a gift for someone.

Each gemstone naturally possesses its own energy level that can become attuned with your own being about the intent you want in your life.

Turquentine - Works to unite and bring friends closer together.

Unakite - Binds friends and loved ones together and to each other.

Hematite - Promotes and boosts confidence in your friendships.

Red Jasper - Promotes stability in your ties with loved ones.

Green Aventurine - Brings luck and joy to friends and those around you.

Note: Healing & all other properties given are for information only from various expert references. It should not be used to act as a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis.