Relaxation Gem Stone Set

Relaxation Power Stone Set with Pouch

CXD Design
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Relaxation Power Stone Set for bringing about peace and relaxation.

Includes  5 assorted gemstones for including peace and relaxation.

Each gemstone naturally possesses its own energy level that can become attuned with your own being about the intent you want in your life.

Amethyst - Calms and attunes your mind to a higher level for relaxation.

Moonstone - Helps to calm and balance emotional mood swings.

Rock Quarts - Draws soothing energy around you to calm and relax.

Rose Quartz - Calms and sooths your heart, mind and body to bring about peace and balance.

Smoky Quartz - Draws any negative energy away from you so you can relax.

Note: Healing & all other properties given are for information only from various expert references. It should not be used to act as a substitute for medical advice or diagnosis.