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Feel free to browse our many Magickal and Mysterious items.
We have Amulets and Talismans, Charm Pendants, Voodoo Charms, Many Wiccan items and of course Tarot Decks plus much more.

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  If you wish to place and order you can do so on-line and be assured all our systems are safe and secure.

Covid-19 Statement

As we are an on-line shop we are operating as usual.


Alpha Music to help you relax, meditate, ease anxiety and general well-being.


Altar and Ritual Essentials from altar cloths, cauldrons, spell books and more.


Amulets Charms and Pendants - Talismans, Amulets and Charms for various needs.


Angel and Oracle Cards all our Angel cards and oracle decks in one place.


Book of Shadows and Journals for your personal writings and journaling.


Crystal Balls and Spheres - glass crystal balls and gemstone spheres


Crystal Pendants - various gemstone pendants with cord or optional chain.


Divining Rods - or dowsing rods for sensing energy and finding lost items.


Energy Pillows - quartz rock inside a padded pillow to help recharge you.


Fairy Doors - hand made and can be placed around the home or garden.


Fantasy Greeting Cards and Birthday cards from leading fantasy artists.


Fortune Cards by Christine Filipak what does your future hold?


I-Ching Cards - the ancient Chinese method of divination.


Meditation CD - three guided mediations from leading yoga teacher Michelle Corrigan.


Mini Kits - from chakras to voodoo mini fun in a box.


Ouija and Seance - our range of spirit boards in many designs.


Pendulum Dowsing - many differ types available to suit everyone.


Power Stones - well being and confidence gemstones in drawstring pouch.


Runes and Casting Tablets either wood or gemstone


Scrying Mirrors black mirrors for the ancient art of scrying.