Crystal, Gemstone and Rock Spheres.

Gem Stone Spheres can be used in Healing and for Energy work or a Just as a Decorative Item.

All Spheres come with a small Acrylic Stand.

Labradorite 45mm Gemstone Sphere

Labradorite 45mm Sphere with Stand.

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Mahogany Obsidian 35mm Gemstone Sphere

Mahogany Obsidian 35mm Sphere.

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New Jade 35mm Gemstone Spheres

New Jade 35mm Gemstone Sphere

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Red Goldstone 35mm Gemstone Sphere

Red Goldstone Sphere.
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Rose Quartz 35mm Gemstone Sphere

35mm Rose Quartz Sphere.
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Rose Quartz 50mm Gemstone Sphere

50mm Rose Quartz Sphere.
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Rose Quartz 80mm Sphere with Acrylic Stand.

Rose Quartz 80mm Sphere

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Selenite 50mm Gemstone Sphere

Selenite 50mm Gemstone Sphere

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Snow Quartz 35mm Sphere with Small Stand

Snow Quartz 35mm Gemstone Sphere.

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