Exquisitely sculpted Galraedia Gothic Fantasy designs, crafted in pewter & finished in silver and gold, some are enhanced with Swavorski crystals and enamelling.

The pendants come in a bespoke hallmarked jewellery box with the meaning displayed in the lid and are supplied with a 18" silver chain.

We will no longer be stocking this range of Charm Pendants, so once it's sold it's gone!


Hanapu Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Hanapu Galraedia Pendant for Ability to See Spirits.

Hanapu Gothic Bat Pendant Necklace.

Nocturnal Hunapu, radiant jewelled one, silent messenger of Galraedia guardians who offers The Ability to See Spirits.

This Exquisitely Sculpted gothic Fantasy Pendant is highly desirable to anyone who loves beautful jewellery.

Features a blue Swarovski crystal.

Pendant measures 40mm x 37mm and comes complete with chain.

Earth Dragon Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Earth Dragon Galraedia Pendant for Protection from Betrayal.

Earth Dragon Charm Pendant Necklace.

The magic and skill represented by the Pentagram is clasped secure within Dragon’s legendary might manifesting Protection from Betrayal.

Features a red deatiled pentagram and five blue Swarovski crystals.

Pendant measures 50mm x 34mm and comes complete with chain.

Lupercus Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Lupercus Galraedia Pendant for Cunning and Unpredictability.

Lupercus the Wolf Charm Pendant Necklace.

The Wild wolf leads the hunt with ghostly stealth and craft, a natural predator whose lupine existence lends Cunning and Unpredictability.

Features a moon blue Swarovski crystal

Pendant measures 30mm x 26mm and comes complete with chain.

Zotz Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Zotz Galraedia Pendant for Warning of Hidden Dangers.

Zotz the Bat Charm Pendant Necklace.

Supernatural Zotz wings swiftly through Galrædià’s murky dusk, a silent and secret companion seeing all and giving Warning of Hidden Dangers.

Features a ruby red Swarovski crystal.

Pendant measures 32mm x 80mm and comes with with a 24" Chain.

Starfire Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Starfire Galraedia Pendant for Astral Travel and Remembering Dreams.

Starfire Unicorn Charm Pendant Necklace.

Fleet of foot apparition, this mythic beast from strange realms grants skill in Astral Travel and Remembering Dreams.

Features three moon blue Swarovski crystals.

Pendant measures 37mm x 23mm and comes complete with chain.

Chalice of Chia Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Chalice of Chia Galraedia Pendant for Seeing Into The Minds of Others.

Chalice of Chia charm Pendant Necklace.

High priestess of Galraedia and the blue moon, Chia proffers her chalice of bitter herbs, for Seeing into the Minds of Others.

Features gold effect Chalice with ruby red Swarovski crystal.

Pendant measures 40mm x 22mm and comes complete with chain.

Hecate Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Hecate Galraedia Pendant for Transformation and Rebirth.

Hekate Pendant Necklace.

Guarding the crossroads, Hecate is "She who encounters you", the Triple Goddess wielding the power of Transformation and Rebirth.

Features a gold effect dress and four Swarovski crystals.

Pendant measures 45mm x 22mm and comes complete with chain.

Draco Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Draco Galraedia Pendant for Freedom from Fear.

Draco Dragon Charm Pendant Necklace.

Dragon energy spirals upwards from fiery depths, energising empowering and burning, bringing into jewelled manifestation Freedom from Fear.

Set with two ruby red Swarovski crystals.

Size: 54mm x 19mm comes with chain.

Sword of Jotun Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Sword of Jotun Galraedia Pendant for Making all Around You Speak the Truth.

Sword of Jotun Charm Pendant Necklace.

Giant’s blade engraved with words of power, Sword of Jotun strikes an invincible blow, Making all Around You Speak the Truth.

With a ruby red Swaravski crystal, comes complete with chain.

Pendand measures 76mm x 23mm.

Crux Cross Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Crux Cross Galraedia Pendant for Winning Against the Odds.

Crux Cross Charm Pendant Necklace.

The twin circles and cross - symbol of Earth Spirit and Deity - offers protection and is worn in Galraedia for Winning Against the Odds.

Features five blue Swarovski crystals and a central ruby red Swarovski crystal.

Pendant measures 65mm x 35mm. Comes complete with chain.

Daena Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Daena Galraedia Pendant for Charisma and Sensuality.

Daena the Temptress Charm Pendant Necklace.

The Temptress who bewitches both mortals and the Shining Ones, Daena’s dark talents hold the secrets of Charisma and Sensuality.

Features a gold effect snake and is set with two ruby red Swarovski crystals

Pendant measures 48mm x 20mm and comes complete with chain.

Dagger of Sesa Galraedia Pendant

Weight: g
Dagger of Sesa Galraedia Pendant for Victory Over Secret Enemies.

Dagger of Sesa charm pendant necklace.

A quick cutter, defender with the swiftness of a serpent, this invincible, enchanted and deadly weapon is carried in Galrædià for Victory Over Secret enemies.

Features a gold effect sword hilt and two ruby red Swarovski crystals.

Pendant measures 54mm x 15mm and comes complete with chain.

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