Voodoo Charms for Positive Magick

Positive Magick for Positive Energy.

All Voodoo Charms can be worn for decorative purposes but if you intend to use your charm for the purpose designed please note that traditionally the charm must remain in secret possession of the owner. Voodooism is a magickal art that pays great attention to the respect of the Voodoo Loa so make sure you always leave an offering to please the Great Loa - woe betide the person who angers them!
All Voodoo Charms are crafted from Copper and Brass. Each Charm is Approx 4cms in size and comes with its own Empowerment Instructions.

Winning a Battle Voodoo Charm

Winning a Battle Voodoo Charm -The Victorious and Honourable Warrior Loa Ogoun

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Healing Voodoo Charm

Healing Voodoo Charm - The Healing Herb Doctor Tree - Loa Loco
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Fertility Voodoo Charm

Fertility Voodoo Charm - The Great Serpent Loa Damballah
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Job Satisfaction Voodoo Charm

Job Satisfaction Voodoo Charm - The Water Snake Loa Simbi
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Wealth Voodoo Charm

Wealth Voodoo Charm - The Magnificent Earth Mother Loa Oshun
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To Reap Power Voodoo Charm

To Reap Power Voodoo Charm - The Energy of the sun and Magick Loa Legba
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Protection on Journeys (especially over water) Voodoo Charm

Protection on Journeys (especially over water) Voodoo Charm - Lord of the Sea - Loa Agwe
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Love Voodoo Charm

Love Voodoo Charm - Goddess of Love, queen of the Moon, Loa Erzulie
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The Love Voodoo Mini-Kit with Instructions

Looking for Romance or a Little Revenge?

Look No Further Than the Mini Love Voodoo Kit.

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The Voodo Mini-Kit Pocket with Instructions

Revenge in the Palm of Your Hand with the Voodo Mini-Kit
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