Silence of Heart CD by John Levine

Silence of Heart by John Levine

Alpha Music
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Silence of Heart alpha music by John Levine - Suggested for Depression, Insecurity, Grief and Emotional Healing.

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One listener says Silence of Heart makes them feel "Joyous, positive, calm and reassured." Others report feeling "elated", happier with themselves, experiencing a "lessening of frustration"

Recommended uses:

  • Dealing with depression
  • Feelings of security and happiness
  • Deep emotional release and healing
  • Can ease feelings of grief and loss
  • Composed in the Key of D, Heart corresponds with the 4th Chakra - Chakra of Feeling - Love is divine power.
  • Total playing time 45:55

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Silence of Heart
4th Chakra Work - Key of D

Reported listener benefits:

  • Deep emotional opening and healing
  • Relieves feelings of grief and loss
  • May bring about cleansing weeping
  • Renews your optimism and hopefulness
  • Restores feelings of connection
  • Heart-lifting: encourages communication
  • Enhances creativity, art and dance

4th Chakra is the Chakra of Feeling/Love.