Mantegna Tarot

Lo Scarabeo
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The Mantegna Tarot

Not a standard tarot deck, but still beautiful.
The pictures do not do the pack justice as the backing is silver foil and needs to be seen to feel the full effect.
The pack consists of 50 cards of 5 series, The Human Condition; The nine Muses & Apollo; Arts & Sciences; Geniuses & Virtues and The Planets & Celestial Spheres, although it does contain some of the standard cards such as The Emperor.
Elegance and enigma find form in these softly glowing foil illuminations reminiscent of 15th century engravings of Venetian artist Andrea Mantegna, however there is now some doubt this was the artist. The spirituality of the late Middle Ages is captured in their full beauty and wisdom for discerning divination.