A Key to our Own Unconscious Minds, The Word Forbidden Itself Draws us to the Darker Mystical and Magickal Parts of us that Society Conditions us to Dismiss as Mere Childish Fantasy.
Finished in Gold and Silver and Embellished with Swarovski Crystals these Forbidden Pendants combine Archetypal Images with Seals and Sigils from Ancient Grimoires to Form Powerful Magickal Amulets and Talismans.

Each Pendant comes with instructions on how to charge your Talisman or Amulet for maximum Effect.

All come with a 18" silver chain & a velvet pouch


Zagan Cross Forbidden Charm Pendant

Weight: g
Zagan Cross Charm Pendant for Transformation.

Zagan Cross Charm Pendant from the Forbidden Range.

Based on the Sigil of Zagan from the Goetia of Solomon this Cross is reputed to make the wearer Witty and bestow him/her the power to turn Wine into Water, Metals into Coin and even Make Fools Wise.

Pendant measures 70mm x 41mm approx.

Imps Cross Forbidden Pendant

Weight: g
Imps Cross Forbidden Pendant for Losing Inhibitions and Personal Restrictions.

Imps Cross Charm Pendant Necklace from the Forbidden Range.

Devilishly blending beauty with temptation this Impish cross is designed to inspire the wearer to Sacrifice their Inhibitions on the Altar of Hedonism.

Pendant measures 51mm x 21mm approx.

Sickle of Saule Forbidden Pendant

Weight: g
Sickle of Saule Forbidden Pendant for Reaping the Fruits of Life

Sickle of Saule Charm Pendant Necklace from the Forbidden Range.

A Sun Goddess for Growth, Harvest and Fertility, Saule was known as the Sun-Virgin and Mother Sun. Her sickle is reputed to bestow upon the wearer Abundance and Plenty.

Pendant measures 31mm x 13mm approx.

Draco Sword Forbidden Charm Pendant

Weight: g
Draco Sword Charm Pendant for Vitality, Wit and Protection

Draco Sword Charm from the Forbidden Range.

Symbolising the synthesis of the Elements of Fire, represented by the Dragon and Air, represented by the Sword, this potent Magickal Weapon can be used as a Talisman for Vitality, Wit and Protection.

Pendant measures 43mm x 26mm approx.

Dracogram Forbidden Charm Pendant

Weight: g
Dracogram Forbidden Charm Pendant for Premonitions

Dracogram Charm Pendant from the Forbidden range.

Clutching its divination ball, the Dragon symbolises Life Force combined with the magickal energy of the pentagram to form a powerful talisman for Scrying into the Future.

Pendant measures 40mm x 36mm approx.

Thor’s Hammer Forbidden Charm Pendant

Weight: g
Thor’s Hammer Forbidden Charm Pendant for Strength, Courage and Success,

Thor’s Hammer Charm Pendant from the Forbidden range.

Viewed as a symbol of Consecration and Divine Regal Power by the ancient Nordic people this Talisman was worn for Strength, Courage and Success.

Pendant measures 32mm x 23mm approx.

Cross of Dark Light Forbidden Charm Pendant

Weight: g
Cross of Dark Light Forbidden Charm Pendant for Illumination.

Cross of Dark Light Charm Pendant from the Forbidden Range.

Constructed around the most profound symbol in the Lesser Key of Solomon, the creative light of the Holy Tetragramaton, inscribed in the central Pentagram, balances the dark energy of the surrounding cross in a perfect metaphor for Universal Polarity. Reputed to bestow upon its wearer the power to see Darkness where others see Light and Light where others see Darkness.

Pendant measures 63mm x 47mm approx.

Forbidden range lined velvet pouch

Forbidden Range Lined Pouch.