Pendulums which can be used for Healing

Solid Copper Pendulums - Transmit Energy

Stainless Steel Metal Pendulums - Reflect Negative Energy

Chamber pendulums are used for Aromatherapy diffusers, witness chambers, herbal remedies, Radionics, Homopathics, essential oils, map dowsing, and healing practices. The pendulums can be opened so that one can use its inside chamber. For example, healers place saliva on a small piece of cotton inside the chamber so they can work with the DNA of their subject.

Copper Pendulum C34

Professional Quality Copper Pendulum.

Egyptian Silver Karnak Pendulum

Egyptian Silver Karnak Pendulum

Love Pendulum

Love Pendulum Kit

Magnetic Sphere Pendulum

Magnetic Sphere Pendulum

“Magnetism exists independent of time and space”

Witches Pendulum

Witches Pendulum Kit