These quality Crystal Dowsing Pendulums can be used to identify spirit & obtain answers using yes/no techniques or can be used with a pendulum board.
The pendants can also help with healing if you know how to use them for this purpose. Various crystals have different healing properties.
We have a range from the traditional clear quartz and amethyst pendulums to the more unusual aqua aura crystal. If you can't see one you like please contact us and we will see if we can find it for you.


Pendulum Dowsing by Cassandra Eason

Pend book
Weight: g
A simple technique to help you make decisions, find lost objects and channel healing energies.

The Pendulum Dowsing book includes practical, exciting and inspiring exercises, ranging from the simple to the advanced, enabling you to start dowsing immediately and develop your skills as you gain experience and confidence in your abilities.

Pendulum Orbs

Pend Orbs
Weight: g
Three Pendulums in One!

Three Pendulums in one with interchangeable gemstone orbs.

Just unscrew the top of the pendulum and fit whichever orb you require, Simples!

Comes as a boxed set with a Rose Quartz, Rock Quartz and Amethyst Orb, each orb measures 2cm diam approx, when assembled the pendulum measures 23cm in length.

Heamatite Dowsing Pendulum

Pend Heam
Weight: g

Heamatite is a very dark crystal which is reflective.

It is believed it dispels negativity & can deflect negative energies from the aura.

It is supposed to encourage optimism and so helps deal with stress & depression.

This pendulum is 3 1/2 to 4 cm long & comes with a draw-string pouch.

Hematite Pendulum with Pentagram

Pend Hem Pent
Weight: g

 Hematite Pendulum with a Pentagram fob.

Pendulum measures 4cm approx with a 13.5cm chain, Pentagrm measures 1.5cm across. Comes with a draw-string pouch.

Clear Quartz Dowsing Pendulum

Weight: g

Clear quartz is mainly clear but can be slightly milky & have white lines within it.

It is believed clear quartz can amplify energy & help you find spiritual purpose.

It is also thought to be a good healing crystal.

This pendulum is 3 1/2 to 4 cm long with 19cm chain & comes with a draw-string pouch.

Clear Quartz Conical Pendulum

Pend cone
Weight: g

A Clear Quartz conical pendulum with 20cm chain.

The pendulum is 3cm approx in length and the chain has a clear quartz bead at the end.

Comes with draw string pouch.

Rose Quartz Dowsing Pendulum

Pend Rose qtz
Weight: g

This is a top grade rose quartz point dowsing pendulum approx 3 1/2 to 4cm long.

Each is precision cut with polished multi faceted sides.

Each pendulum comes with a draw string pouch.