These palm-sized kits are fun and useful, and make great gifts!

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Chakras Mini-Kit

Weight: g
Unlock Your Body's 7 Energy Centers.
Unlock the key to healing and increased vitality by discovering the secrets of your body's energy centres.
Chakras are our centres of energy, located on the midline of the body.
Chakras Kit shows you how to locate the seven energy centres and how to achieve balance.
The kit includes seven healing stones, enclosed in a velvety pouch, and a 64-page book.

Love Voodoo Mini-Kit

Voodoo Lou
Weight: g

Looking for Romance or a Little Revenge?

Look No Further Than the Mini Love Voodoo Kit.

Use the power of voodoo to make love, break love, or simply take love by the horns.
Inside our portable kit is a mini love voodoo doll, pins for strategic poking, and a 32-page hand-book to ensure that you are in control of your love life.

Tarot Mini-Kit

Tarot Mini
Weight: g
Reveal Your Fate

Explore the realm of the unknown with a full deck of elegantly illustrated Tarot cards, a fold out mat to assist in arranging the cards for premium forecasting ability, and an 88-page book to guide you in reading and interpreting the cards.

Uncover today's secret and tomorrow's promise with Tarot.

The Mini Water Garden Kit

Weight: g
Stressed Out and on the Go?
With the mini water garden, you can enjoy the relaxing sound of splashing water wherever you need it the most.
This pocket-sized kit includes a mini water garden with a hand pump, tray, rocks, instructions, and a 32-page introduction to the history and spirituality of water gardening.
Whether you're at home, at work or on the road, The Mini Water Garden is sure to inspire a peaceful state of mind!