i ching cards

The I Ching is a symbol system based on Ancient Chinese Texts.
It is believed it helps balance opposites, and accept change.


I Ching of Love

Lo Scarabeo
Iching Lve
Weight: g

I Ching of Love

64 Cards one for each of the 64 traditional hexagrams.

Love has a thousand faces: the I Ching helps us discover and win them over.

The famous Chinese book of divination is easily accessed in 64 cards for questions on love and relationships. Ancient hexagrams marry with contemporary oriental and western imagery to make this deck a must for every tarot reader.

I Ching Dead Moon

Iching moon
Weight: g
I Ching Cards with Artwork by Luis Royo

The I Ching Dead Moon has 64 cards, illustrated by renown fantasy artist Luis Royo.

The cards are darkly atmospheric, with the I Ching hexagrams inset at the base of each card.

The deck also contains 15 instructional cards explaining the I Ching and hexagram meanings.