crystal balls

Crystal Balls

Crystal Balls with Glass Base.

Used for scrying these quality crystal balls are available in various sizes and are boxed.

They can also be used as decorative ornaments, with a glass base for the crystal ball they catch the suns rays beautifully.

Caution: Do not place a Crystal Ball in direct sunlight as this can can turn them into a powerful magnifying glass!

(don't ask us how I know!)


Crystal Ball 60mm

Crystal Ball 60mm with Glass Base.

A quality 60mm diameter Clear Crystal Ball with glass base or wooden stand. (the lines in the photo are reflections from the camera flash).

Comes Boxed.

Crystal Ball 80mm

Crystal Ball 80mm with Glass Base.

A quality 80mm diameter Clear Crystal Ball with Glass Stand

Comes Boxed.

Crystal Ball 100mm

Crystall Ball 10mm with glass Base.

A quality 100mm diameter Clear Crystal Ball with Glass stand.

Comes Boxed.