sigils of the craft pendants

Sigils of the Craft Pendants

Sigils of the Craft Charm Pendants.

Sigils of the Craft Sterling Silver Pendants.

Very unusual and completely authenytic designs from the Wiccan way, potent symbols of the witches skills.

They will energise and empower the magickal intentions of thier wearer.

All come complete with a black cord and a black presentation box.


Athame Pendant

Athame Sigil of the Craft Pendant

For Channelling Desires.

The witches' ceremonial knife, the Athame, directs magickal energy and is personal to every witch.

Magickal inscriptions on the opposing sides of the blade engage unseen helpers.

Height 4cm approx

Cernunnos Pendant

Cernunnos Sigil of the Craft Pendant.

For Strength and Empowerment

The Celtic Horned God, protector of animals and the Greenwood stands wild and proud as the Spirit of Untamed Nature.

His image harnesses his benevolent yet unpredictable nature.

Height 3.5cm approx

Closed Pentagram Pendant

Closed Pentagram Sigil of the Craft Pendant .

For Magick of the Spirit.

The five point star has at its points the elements of Earth, Air, Fire Water & Spirit, surrounded by a perfect Circle, the sign of infinity and eternity, and is invoked for Magick of the Spirit.

Height 2cm approx

Draco Pentagram Pendant

Draco Pentagram Sigil of the Craft Pendant.

Discovering True Will.

Double winged dragons, tails entwined. Quicken with Earthfire, Energising the pentagrams five elements and circle of infinity and encouraging contact with the higher self.

Height 4cm approx

Enchantress Pendant

Enchantress Sigil of the Craft Pendant.

For Dreaming and Achieving

Adventuring into the night sky, skyclad and proud, the Enchantress eagerly anticipates the Sabbat's revelry and magic.

Her eternal beauty and sensuality captivate the Spirit of the Four Winds.

Height 2.5cm approx.

Open Pentagram Pendant

Open Pentagram Sigil of the Craft Pendant.

For Magickal Achievement

The five points of the sacred star traditionally indicate the five elements Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.

Drawn in the air in magickal ritual or created in craft or art, it may be used for magickal achievement.

Height 2.5m approx

Ouroborous Pendant

Ouroborous Sigil of the Craft Pendant.

For Healing & Regeneration.

An ancient alchemical symbol of a snake devouring it's own tail.

Ouroborous is found world-wide from Assyria to the Viking Northlands, demonstrating both the Transcendent Duality and the Circle's Eternity.

Height 2.5cm approx.

Ram Pentagram Pendant

Ram Pentagram Sigil of the Craft Pendant.

For Connection with the Life Force

The horned god as Aries appears at the Vernal Equinox with spring's energy and optimism.

The Ram, pagan symbol of virility, combines with the five point star for connection with the life force.

Height 3cm approx.

Triple Goddess Pendant

Triple Goddess Sigil of the Craft Pendant.

For Love and Harmony.

Maiden, Mother and Crone evolve into one another with the eternal waxing and waning phases of the moon. Representing the three aspects of women the Triple Goddess confers blessings for Love and Harmony.

Height 3.5cm approx.

Sigils of the Craft Case

These sterling silver charms come with a black cord and bespoke jewellery case.
Inside the lid of each box is a silver foil printed label explaining the meaning of the Sigils of the Craft.