magickal pentagram pendants

Magickal Pentagram Pendants

The Magickal Pentagrams that we offer come from a number of different magical traditions and were designed for many different purposes.

The pentagram has magical associations, and has become very meaningful to people who practice Neopagan faiths.
The Neopagan pentagram is generally displayed with one point up, partly because of the "inverted" goat's head pentagram's association with Satanism; however, within traditional forms of Wicca a pentagram with two points up is associated with the Second Degree Initiation and in this context has no relation to Satanism.

These Magickal Pentagrams come in a purple and clear box and are produced in lead free pewter, some garnished with beautiful crystals. Each piece is supplied with a leaflet giving full details of its origins, benefits and qualities, together with a simple ceremony to enable you to consecrate and empower it.
All come with a matching chain.


Pentagram of Wands Pendant

Magickal Pentagram of Wands Pendant.

This authentic rustic Pentagram can be traced back to some of the earliest rural Witch symbols. Magickally it is particularly useful for invoking Earth energy for stability, security and strength in the face of adversity.

Pendant measures 43mm x 37mm approx, comes with chain and presentation box.

Pentalpha Pentagram Pendant

Magickal Pentalpha Pentagram Pendant.

Referring to the five alphas formed by the Pentagram and originating from Ancient Greece this unusual Pentagram was first worn by the followers of Pythagoras as a secret sign by which they could recognise each other.
Its beautiful symmetry lends itself to acts of personal empowerment for harmony and stability.

Pendant measures 32mm x 31mm approx, comes with chain and presentation box.

Jewelled Pentagram Pendant

Magickal Jewelled Pentagram Pendant.

The jewel at the centre of this classic circled Pentagram acts as focal point to support whatever magickal intention it is empowered by.

This Pentagram is beautifully decorated with a Swarovski crystal.

Pendant measures 24mm x 20mm approx, comes with chain and presentation box.

Inverted Pentagram Pendant

Magickal Inverted Pentagram Pendant.

Associated only recently, since the 19th Century, with Satanists and known as the Devil’s Goat, this symbol is in fact far older and can be found in ancient Masonic Temples.
In Wicca, it is a symbol of the 2nd Degree and magickally it represents the Dog Star Sirius and can be used to channel higher energy into material manifestation.

Pendant measures 30mm x 26mm approx, comes with chain and presentation box.

Fire Pentagram Pendant

Magickal Fire Pentagram Pendant.

Symbolising the raw elemental energy of fire, the gold flames in this powerful Pentagram can be used to attract the corresponding qualities of passion, energy and courage into your life.

Pendant measures 35mm x 31mm approx, comes with chain and presentation box.

Magickal Pentagram Case

Magickal Pentagram Presentation Case.
All Magickal Pentagrams come in a presentation case.