Children of the Night Pendants by Briar

Vampires, Wolves and Werewolves

Exquisitely designed by Briar, the Children of the Night romantically gothic range of pendants are superbly crafted in lead free zinc alloy, accented with gold plating, enamelling or crystals. They are supplied with a leaflet that fully describes all 18 pendants and with a satin keepsake pouch and an 18" chain.
Discontinued range - once sold they are gone forever!

Requiem Pendant

Requiem Gothic Pendant.

My gentle kiss melts away your sorrow, my soft caress stills your fears.
Feel my wings flutter like your heartbeat.
I shine in the afterglow of Love.
My gift is sanctuary.
I guide your swift flight to shelter.

Measures: 40 x 50mm

Angels' Lament Pendant

Angels' Lament Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night

Shielding my eyes in sorrow’s pose, my wings unfold to shelter those mourning love lost and promises not kept. I pray for your joy.
My gift is a glimpse through the shining Doors of Immortality.

Measures: 40 x 20mm

Bloom of the Eternals Pendant

Bloom of the Eternals Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night.

A rose must have thorns, as beauty must stake the heart of the beloved with passion. My symbol is universal. All know Love conquers All.
My gift is True Love, conceived of Attraction and born of Desire.

Measures: 30 x 40mm

Talons of the Moon Pendant

Talons of the Moon Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night

I hold you in the palm of my hand, a beautiful treasure to be cherished.
You hold me in your heart, your true companion and protector.
My gift is Adoration.
I worship your living beauty and mortal heartbeat.

Measures: 40 x 20mm

Dance of the Vampire Pendant

Dance of the Vampire Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night.

I swirl to the music of the spheres, the night sky my orchestra, the moon my dancing partner.
I rejoice in my grace and feel no pain.
My gift is Timeless Beauty: elegant and unadorned perfection.

Measures: 40 x 25mm

Vampire Blood Amulet Pendant

Vampire Blood Gothic Amulet Pendant from the Children of the Night Range.

We share a secret no one may discover: My life force will be your making. You shall become exceptional - if you keep me near to your tender heart.
My gift is my Life’s Blood, rich and red, so infinitely desirable.

Measures: 42 x 30mm

The Raven Pendant Pendant

The Raven Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night.

Can you hear me call?
Can you see my winged shape against the dark window?
I summon you to Night Pleasure, sweet and potent, for you alone.
My gift is Secret Knowledge - from darkness comes delight.

Measures: 54 x 30mm

Angel of Midnight Pendant

Angel of Midnight Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night.

I come robed in mist, my wings jewelled with moonbeams, my face lit by falling stars. I am as one with you in your slumber. I am your hidden side revealed.
My gift is Night’s Protection. I bless with sweet sleep’s dark dreams.

Measures: 45 x 45mm

Barbed Heart Pendant

Barbed Heart Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night.

My heart is neither broken nor damaged. It is held strong by passion and wrapped in dark bliss.
I shiver with longing.
My gift is Eternal Love, everlasting devotion if you dare declare your heart’s secret.

Measures: 30 x 22mm

Carpe Noctum Pendant

Carpe Noctum Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night.

Night’s rose smells sweeter than her sister who blooms by day. I whisper my prayer to your loveliness. You glow like moonstone in my secret garden.
My gift is Dark Destiny. Seize the Night and be free.

Measures: 40 x 30mm

The Vampire Rose Pendant

Vampire Rose Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night.

Your velvet skin, soft like a perfect rose, shall neither wither nor die. My thorns keep your tender beauty from mortal pain when you but follow me.
My gift is immortal Seduction: Embrace your desire and be free.

Measures: 37 x 25mm

Blood Trinity Pendant

Blood Trinity Pendant from the Children of the Night.

Share with me my roses’ red nectar in sweet unity. Our forbidden communion shall take us from yearning to bliss in a heartbeat.
My gift is three-fold: To Live, To Love, and To Live Evermore.

Measures: 37 x 37mm

Masque of the Wolf Pendant

Masque of the Wolf Gothic Pendant from the Children of the Night.

The Ancients feared my wild spirit. I am the perfected predator. In full moon’s lustre, I grow stronger than beast and wiser than human.
My gift is Supernature.
Be bold and harness the Wolf within.

Measures: 30 x 25mm