voodoo charms

Voodoo Charms

Positive Magick for Positive Energy.

Voodoo, ancient Magickal empowerment rituals, has thousands of secret followers and is a very powerful and effective method of achieving specific goals. As such, Voodooism is now a widely recognised mystical art.

All Voodoo charms can be worn for decorative purposes but if you intend to use your charm for the purpose designed please note that traditionally the charm must remain in secret possession of the owner.
Voodooism is a magickal art that pays great attention to the respect of the Voodoo Loa so make sure you always leave an offering to please the Great Loa - woe betide the person who angers them!
All Voodoo charms are crafted from Copper and Brass.
Each Voodoo Charm is Approx 4cms in size,  with a leather cord and its own Empowerment Instructions.


Winning a Battle Voodoo Charm

Winning a Battle Voodoo Charm -The Victorious and Honourable Warrior Loa Ogoun.
With this Voodoo Charm you will receive mighty power from Loa Ogoun, who is renown for protecting the wearer from oncoming attack and ensuring triumph over the opposing party.

Healing Voodoo Charm

Healing Voodoo Charm - The Healing Herb Doctor Tree - Loa Loco.
This calming Voodoo Charm invites you into a healing sanctuary.
When you feel a gust of strong wind or notice a beautiful butterfly, be sure that your prayers are being answered.

Fertility Voodoo Charm

Fertility Voodoo Charm - The Great Serpent Loa Damballah
This is a very strong charm for encouraging fertility and can be used by either a man or a woman.
The Voodoo Fertility Charm is extremely effective when kept under the pillow during lovemaking.
Loa Damballah has the natural power, energy and force to create lightening and Voodoo practitioners use this Loa's potency to help conceive.

Job Satisfaction Voodoo Charm

Job Satisfaction Voodoo Charm - The Water Snake Loa Simbi.
This Voodoo Charm contains potent Veves used to effectively speed up the process towards job satisfaction, opening the right doors when needed and is said to send spirit forces to guide the wearer in the direction of fulfilment.

Wealth Voodoo Char

Wealth Voodoo Charm - The Magnificent Earth Mother Loa Oshun.
The immense energy of Loa-Oshun can be aroused with this Voodoo Charm.
Oshun will put you in position to grow and expand financially.

To Reap Power Voodoo Charm

To Reap Power Voodoo Charm - The Energy of the sun and Magick Loa Legba.
This Voodoo Charm is carried by Voodoo Doctors to manifest high power during ceremonies.
Carry it yourself to achieve great heights of magickal energy.

Protection on Journeys Voodoo Charm

Protection on Journeys (especially over water) Voodoo Charm - Lord of the Sea - Loa Agwe.
Guardian of the seas, Loa Agwe is the master of the sacred underworld.
With this Voodoo charm, Agwe will keep watchful of your journey, whether over land or sea.

Protection Voodoo Charm

Protection Voodoo Charm - The Ever Powerful Master Loa Eshu.
This Voodoo Charm carries the great power power of Loa Eshu who will fiercely protect the wearer from harm.
Please make sure that you only use this charm when needed as Eshu does not like to be called upon for no reason!

Incite Lust Voodoo Charm

Incite Lust Voodoo Charm - Spirit of Fire, Storms and Lightening Loa Shango.
The awesome power of this Voodoo Charm is able to enflame the soul and is at its most strong when placed close to lovers wishing to incite a lustful energy.
The snakes represent coiled energy that can spring into action, make you rush with sensation and may overwhelm the wearer so use this piece only when necessary.

Love Voodoo Charm

Love Voodoo Charm - Goddess of Love, Queen of the Moon, Loa Erzulie.
The most loved of all the Loa, Erzulie grants generous pleasure and true love to the wearer of this Voodoo Charm.

Guidance from Ancestors Voodoo Charm

Guidance from the Ancestors Voodoo Charm - The Grand Gatekeeper of the Underworld Loa Guédé.
With this Voodoo Charm Loa Guédé can request that a watchful eye is placed on you from above but he cannot decide what contact is made so be open to receiving a message from a deceased loved one.