Available in velvet and satin these beautifully made Tarot Bags are embroidered with magickal symbols and lined with complimentary colours.

Each bag comes with its own drawstring closure finished with a hand-pull matched to the lining.

These distinctive bags are worthy of even the most discerning Tarot collector.

Green Man Tarot Bag

Green Man Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Pink Sunstar Tarot Bag

Pink Sunstar Embroidered Tarot Bag

Purple Shri Yantra Tarot Bag

Shri Yantra Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Pentagram in a Circle Tarot Bag

Pentagram Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Black Double Pentagram Tarot Bag

Black Double Pentagram Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Green Tree of Life Tarot Bag

Tree of Life Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Blue Treble Pentagram Tarot Bag

Treble Pentagram Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Eye of Horus Tarot Bag

Eye of Horus Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Triquetra Tarot Bag

Triquetra Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Celtic Dragon Tarot Bag

Celtic Dragon Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Moon and Stars Tarot Bag

Moon and Stars Embroidered Tarot Bag.

Triquetra Tarot Reading Cloth

Embroidered Triquetra Reading Cloth.

Pentacle Tarot Reading Cloth

Embroidered Pentacle Tarot Reading Cloth.

Moon and Stars Tarot Reading Cloth

Embroidered Moon and Stars Tarot Reading Cloth.

Pagan Circle Reading Cloth

Embroidered Pagan Circle Tarot Reading Cloth