Fairy Doors Section

Hand Made Fairy doors.

These Fairy Doors are excellent quality and being hand made and hand painted each one is unique.

They measure approx 15cm high by approx 7.5cm wide .

Designed to be placed around the house, garden or wherever else Fairies may reside!

Several designs available - choose from Flower embellished Fairy doors, Yule Fairy Doors or the more darker Gothic (Pixie) Doors. 

Fdoor 7
Weight: g

Fairy Door Left Handed

Left Handed Fairy Door
A Door especially for the Left Handed Fairies
Fdoor 8
Weight: g

Fairy Door with Blood

A Dungeon style Fairy Door.
Are the naughty Fairies kept behind this Door?
Fdoor 9
Weight: g

Fairy Door with Glass

Fairy Door with Stained glass
A Stable type Fairy Door with a stained glass effect window.
Fdoor 2
Weight: g

Yule Fairy Door Green

Fair Door for Yule.
A Fairy Door with a Yule Wreath, even the Fairys celebrate the mid-winter festival!
Fdoor 3
Weight: g

Yule Fairy Door Gold

Fairy Door for Yule.
Even the Fairys celebrate the Yule Season by putting a wreath on the door.